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Lick of the Day: "Heaven" Solo Excerpt by Henry Garza of Los Lonely Boys

Today's lick is an excerpt from my solo for the song "Heaven" by my band, Los Lonely Boys. It involves strummed chords, fret-hand muting and a fast legato run descending the G major pentatonic scale (G A B D E).

When performing the pentatonic run in bar 2, I find the key to producing fast, yet relaxed-sounding rhythms is to keep the fingering simple and easy to remember. If you watch the slow version of the video carefully, you can see how I shift my hand down the neck several times specifically to accommodate a minimalist-style of fingering, using primarily my index and ring fingers to perform much of the run. (For your convenience, fret-hand fingerings are provided in the notation.)

The tempo is 87 beats per minute, 56 for slow practice.

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