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20 times Guthrie Govan proved he was the funniest guitarist on the planet

Guthrie Govan Live
(Image credit: Steve Thorne/Redferns via Getty)

You'd be hard pressed to find a guitarist who uses the electric guitar in the way Guthrie Govan does, especially when he loves making his listeners laugh as much as he enjoys blowing their minds.

From sneaking the Mission Impossible theme into a jazz piece, to playing call and response with a seagull in a park, a new compilation on YouTube proves that Guthrie Govan is more than just a demi-god of guitar - he's a strong contender for the funniest guitarist on the planet.

The four-minute video below is packed with 20 times Guthrie put his case forward as the king of comedy of the guitar world.

As well as featuring a dizzying display of his crazy techniques, the compilation sees Guthrie at the peak of his comedic powers.

A particular highlight is Guthrie's response to being rudely interrupted by a squawking bird during an outdoor gig. In a show of his quick wit, Guthrie instinctively uses his guitar to execute a flawlessly-improvised impression.

Knowing Guthrie, he's probably fluent in bird on the guitar and politely asked the noisy spectator to be quiet. His follow up guitar squawk could well have been a well-mannered "thank you".

The pièce de résistance of Guthrie's humor, however, has to be his ability to seamlessly integrate well-known melodies into his hectic fusion performances. In the video, we are treated to multiple examples of when Guthrie said "to hell with it" and chucked in a melody or two purely for comedic purposes.

For instance, the first clip sees Guthrie throwing caution to the wind and riffing Smoke on the Water. Later on, we are treated to a double-time performance of Careless Whisper.  A tap rendition of The Simpsons theme song makes it as an honorable mention, too.

Of course, it's not the first time Govan has wowed us with humor – there was also that time he played an incredible one-handed solo while drinking a glass of water.