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Aerosmith: New Album Due "In Three Months"

Yesterday, March 28, Aerosmith held a special press conference at the Grove in Anaheim, California to talk about their upcoming "The Global Warming" tour, as well as clue us in on the band's new album.

"A bunch of great songs are on this album,"said frontman Steve Tyler. "It will be out in three months."

While the record still has no title or firm release date, the band remained adamant that the record was nearly done, with only a couple of songs left to finish.

"The camaraderie's there," continued Tyler, "there's some songs that are new rock, and old rock and middle-of-the-road rock, and blues, piano. Joe Perry singing a couple of songs, I'm playing the drums, Joey [Kramer, drums] sings, just all kinds of stuff."

The band tapped longtime producer Jack Douglas for their new album, who had previously worked with the bands on classic albums like Rocks and Toys in the Attic.

"Jack is part of the DNA of this band," said bassist Tom Hamilton. "We learned how to make records with him back in the '70s. That process, and the way we get along, and the way he inspires us, it's still happening. The first day of writing and rehearsal that process came right back. The guy is a joy to work with." One of the album's tracks, "Legendary Child," is set to appear in the upcoming summer film GI Joe: Retaliation.You can get all the dates for Aerosmith's upcoming headlining tour with Cheap Trick here.