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AmazonBasics Drive pedal listed for $1,000,000 on Reverb

AmazonBasics Drive pedal
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When you think of some of the most expensive guitar pedals in history, what springs to mind? Perhaps a Klon Centaur overdrive pedal, which can (optimistically) be listed as high as $500,000? Or maybe a late-'60s original Arbiter Fuzz Face, which fetches upwards of $2,500?

How about an AmazonBasics drive pedal, with a street price of $26.75?

No? Well, you might need to think again, as an AmazonBasics Drive pedal has been listed on with an eye-watering $1,000,000 asking price.

AmazonBasics guitar pedals were introduced last year as affordable, entry level pedals for guitarists venturing into the world of guitar effects. Starting at $26.75, the most expensive pedal in the line only reached $48.16.

"RARE AmazonBasics Drive pedal. These are no longer for sale on Amazon," reads the listing. "This one has been disassembled for inspection then reassembled, because of this, the rubber feeties on the bottom were removed and are not included. Works great."

There is one catch, though, which is sure to be devastating news to anyone hopeful of grabbing the Amazon Drive pedal at such a bargain rate – only Jeff Bezos can buy it.

That's right: "This pedal is for sale to Jeff Bezos only," the listing reads. "If you are not Jeff Bezos, please do not buy it."

The entrepreneurial pedal punter is none other than Gear Gods' Trey Xavier, who wants to grab Bezos's attention and get him to buy his own pedal back.

As silly as it sounds, word may have actually reached the retail mogul, with informing page visitors that the drive pedal is "predicted to sell soon", and that "one other person has this in their cart".

Maybe Jeff has picked up guitar as a lockdown hobby and begun his journey into the world of effects pedals. Probably should have bought it when it was available for $26, Jeff.