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Bare Knuckle and Rabea Massaad team up for Silo humbucker

Bare Knuckle Pickups has teamed up with UK-based progressive electric guitar player and producer Rabea Massaad for the new Silo humbucker. 

Designed by Bare Knuckle MD Tim Mills with input from Massaad and producer/guitarist Adam 'Nolly' Getgood, the Silo boasts “clean and split-coil tones that are pure, warm, and full bodied, responding extremely well to pick dynamics and changes on the volume pot”.

When handling overdriven tones, the pickup is wound to offer excellent note separation, projection and weight throughout extended chord voicings and lower tunings.

(Image credit: courtesy of Bare Knuckle)

Construction consists of twin screw coils, Alnico V magnets and a pairing of a 44AWG wound bridge and a 42AWG wound neck.

The Silo is available in six-, seven- and eight-string iterations, with a range of humbucker finish options, including a custom ‘Bea’ etch.

Individual humbuckers sell for £139 (approx. $180), with a set of two going for £265 (approx. $343).

For more information, head to Bare Knuckle.