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Geddy Lee on Primus' 'A Tribute To Kings' tour: "I think it's a bit nuts!"

Cover of Bass Player 421
Meet Geddy Lee, Les Claypool and a host of bass stars in our new issue (Image credit: Future)

When Primus announced that they were about to go on tour and play the Rush album A Farewell To Kings as part of their live set, fans of both bands immediately paid attention. Here at Bass Player, we had a few burning questions to ask Les Claypool when we caught up with him, including ‘What the hell are you thinking?’, ‘Are you mad?’ and ‘What are you going to do when Geddy Lee shows up?’ among them.

We’re kidding, obviously – if any bassist on the planet can handle the demands of a Rush album, it’s the man from Primus, themselves a fearsomely funky band. Still, it was fascinating to dig deep into the Claypool cerebral cortex and see what was going on in there, and when we asked Geddy himself what he thought of this typically unpredictable Primus maneuver, what he said blew our minds – and Les’s mind, too. Life is never boring at BP, believe us.

Elsewhere in this issue we meet a whole bevy of bassists, from Brazil’s finest export Junior Groovador via Dire Straits’ bass player John Illsley to the Bootleg Beatles’ Steve White. We bring you a trio of reviews of essential bass gear, we offer tons of advice on music theory and techniques, and we even give you the chance to win a Bite Funky Booster bass! Get the new issue at Magazines Direct (opens in new tab).

Joel McIver is the Editor of Bass Player magazine. A journalist with 25 years' experience in the music field, he's also the author of 35 books, a couple of bestsellers among them. He regularly appears on podcasts, radio and TV and occasionally teaches at BIMM.