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Because this year can only get weirder, here’s a tattooed Robert Fripp playing Black Sabbath’s Paranoid in a prison cell

The year 2020 has been full of surprises, and it’s not done yet. 

With that in mind, may we present, free of context (because what context could there truly be?) King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp… sitting in a prison cell… wearing fake tattoos… and playing Black Sabbath’s Paranoid on a Fernandes Custom Gold electric guitar.

To adds to the bizarreness of the setup, Fripp’s wife of 34 years, musician and actress Toyah Wilcox, stands behind the cell door, dancing and playing the role of Ozzy Osbourne to Fripp’s Tony Iommi.

“Happy Sunday lunch from Toyah and Robert!” Fripp exclaims after the performance.

Happy, indeed.

For more Toyah and Robert madness, check out their covers of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and David Bowie’s Heroes, a song Fripp knows a thing or two about.