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The Black Keys Begin Sessions for Next Album

The Black Keys, the power-packed Akron duo who released Brothers in 2010 and followed it soon after with 2011's El Camino, have already started sessions for their next album.

"We spent a week in the studio," guitarist Dan Auerbach told Rolling Stone, referring to a Nashville session that took place in July. He added that it wasn't "the most focused studio session," but he and drummer Patrick Carney did "get some ideas down and started the ball rolling."

The duo plan to regroup in earnest in early 2013 more more sessions. "We might not finish it until March since we have to tour so much, but we'll see," Carney told Rolling Stone earlier this summer.

"We never know what's going to happen," Auerbach added. "We don't talk about it. We don't plan it. We start recording, and then all of a sudden it starts to take shape and we have an idea." Auerbach adds that each Black Keys album, to him, represents "a snapshot of a moment in time. We like to let them be like that," he says. "Sort of a spontaneous thing."

Auerbach added that a producer hasn't been chosen yet — and they might even produce the next album themselves.

Auerbach and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons shared the cover of the October 2012 issue of Guitar World,which is available now at the Guitar World Online Store. Check out an excerpt from that issue right here.

Damian Fanelli

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