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Black Sabbath Announce Plans for Final Show and Studio Album

Back in September, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne announced that the legendary metal band, which enjoyed an extra-successful 2013 and 2014, would be releasing their final album this year.

It turns out they'll also be playing their final show this year. As in, their last show ever.

The show will take place November 22, when they'll be headlining the second day of Ozzfest at Japan’s Makuhari Messe venue, which is outside Tokyo. Korn will headline the first day of the Japanese Ozzfest, also known as November 21.

Sabbath’s lineup will include Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler, but (once again) not original drummer Bill Ward (at least not officially at this point), although Osbourne has said he hopes Ward will rejoin the band for its final tour.

“[It will be] our last hurrah,” Osbourne, 66, said. “Then it’s no more Sabbath at all. We’re disbanding the name and everything. ... They [Iommi and Butler] don’t want to tour anymore. I get it. But I love it. I’m gonna continue my solo thing.”

Last year, Osbourne announced that Black Sabbath would begin working on their final studio album with producer Rick Rubin in early 2015. The new album will be the followup to their successful 2013 release, 13.

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