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Bogner updates its Burnley, Wessex and Harlow custom audio transformer drive pedals

(Image credit: Bogner)

A few years back we testified as to the impressiveness of Bogner’s Burnley distortion, Wessex overdrive and Harlow “boost with bloom” stompboxes, writing that the “sound quality and performance of all three pedals is on another level compared to the average overdrive and distortion pedal.”

Bogner clearly thinks there’s something special about this dirt trio as well, as the company has now issued all three in V2 iterations, with smaller and more pedalboard-friendly sizes and rounded housings.

Just like their bigger brothers, the new V2 models boast a custom audio transformer for “rich, studio quality, buttery tones with ultra-dynamic responses,” a 100% analog circuit path with true bypass and a jewel light that reacts to the dynamics of the user’s play­ing.

The three V2 pedals are available for $179 each.

For more information, head to Bogner.