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Brian May unveils Red Special guitar finished in the “World’s Pinkest Pink”

Brian May has unveiled a signature Red Special guitar finished in the “World’s Pinkest Pink”
(Image credit: Instagram/Brian May)

Brian May has offered numerous variations on his famous Red Special electric guitar, including mini and acoustic models, as well as one emblazoned with Queen’s News of the World album graphics, through his Brian May Guitars line.

But now the Queen main man has introduced a first for his signature model – the Red Special in “World’s Pinkest Pink”.

The new version sports a fluorescent pink powdered paint developed by Stuart Semple, and was created, as May explains in an Instagram post, for May to use for a video for an upcoming charity single, the proceeds of which will go to a pair of women's cancer charities. 

May then plans to auction off the World’s Pinkest Pink guitar to raise additional funds.

In the meantime, if you want to try your hand at creating your own World’s Pinkest Pink guitar, you can pick up a 50 gram jar of the stuff at Culture Hustle.