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Brian Setzer Premieres New Song, "Let's Shake" —Listen

Brian Setzer has premiered a new song — "Let's Shake" — from his upcoming all-rockabilly album, Rockabilly Riot: All Original.

The album will be released August 12 via Surfdog Records.

“Yeah, ‘Let’s Shake,’ how come no one has thought of that title yet?" Setzer says. "We’ve been making rock and roll now for 60 years and no one has come up with ‘Let’s Shake?’ And I came up with it and I went, ‘Wow…Let’s Shake!’ You know, oh god, it’s just so simple it’s magic!

"It’s got a really great guitar solo in it, just rock and roll sounding…it’s not really ‘billy’ sounding, it’s more rock and roll… again, it’s the simplest songs that are the hardest to write.”

On the new album, which was recorded in Nashville and produced by Peter Collins, Setzer is backed by Mark Winchester (bass), Kevin McKendree (piano) and Noah Levy (drums).