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Bruce Dickinson: Iron Maiden Will Make "At Least One More Album"

If you're a Maiden fan worrying that The Final Frontier might have been the band's final album, you can rest easy. Frontman Bruce Dickinson recently told the U.K.'s Daily Star that the band will make "at least one more album."

Dickinson also talked at length about the band's songwriting process, revealing: "We try to keep things on an even keel. Being English, we still have some reserve when we're communicating ideas to each other."

"[In the old days] we'd have a stand-up knock-down fight about anything. But we know each other better now and people do mellow."

While Dickinson noted that the band have gone in a "prog-rock" direction recently, he was quick to point out that the band new their musical limits. "We're not the kind of band who could say, 'Hey, let's do an album with Kanye West,'" he explained, "because that wouldn’t interest Maiden fans at all."

You can read the full interview here.

Josh Hart

Josh Hart is a former web producer and staff writer for Guitar World and Guitar Aficionado magazines (2010–2012). He has since pursued writing fiction under various pseudonyms while exploring the technical underpinnings of journalism, now serving as a senior software engineer for The Seattle Times.