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Cindy Alexander Premieres New Song, “Monarch” — Exclusive

Today, Acoustic Nation brings you the exclusive premiere of “Monarch,” a new song by Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Cindy Alexander.

The track is from Alexander’s new album, An American Girl, which will be released October 9.

Being a natural storyteller, unafraid to tackle the most intimate subjects in song, Alexander makes connections with her audiences in an almost uncanny way. The hurt surrounding lost love is hauntingly apparent in her song “Monarch,” premiering below.

It's no coincidence that October should be the month chosen to release this American girl’s newest work; as a survivor of breast cancer in 2013, Alexander is an avid supporter of awareness as an ambassador to, encouraging women who have a first-degree relative to get advanced screening.

Mammograms are important, they save lives, but women who are genetically pre-disposed need to take it a step further and consider earlier screening and an MRI. Alexander did, and she's alive today because of it.

You can preorder An American Girlright here.

Alexander will perform October 10 at Hotel Café in Los Angeles, with a full U.S. tour expected in 2016. In the meantime, Alexander performs private house parties for fans across the country. For more information, visit