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Coheed and Cambria Announce New Double Concept Album, 'The Afterman'

Progressive rockers Coheed and Cambria have announced ambitious plans to release a double concept album, The Afterman.

The release will be divided up into two separate releases. The first of which, titled The Afterman: Ascension, is slated to land on October 9, with "The Afterman: Descension tentatively due in February.

Conceptually, The Afterman once again sees the band exploring their alternate world, "Heaven's Fence." The album's lyrics center around the character Sirius Amory, a scientist.

"This is, without a doubt, the most honest record I've ever written," said frontman Claudio Sanchez. "Though all the songs can be interpreted through our main character in the story, they were initially written in a very spontaneous manner. In the past, I've always had a predetermined idea of what the story was going to be when I approached the songs. With The Afterman being a new story within 'The Amory Wars' arc, I allowed the events of my life to drive the concept, and therefore opened up the songwriting to a fuller degree."

Coheed and Cambria's last full-length effort was 2010's Year Of The Black Rainbow (buy on iTunes).