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Conjure devilish low-end tones with Damnation Audio’s Curmudgeon 2 bass amp distortion pedal

Damnation Curmudgeon 2
(Image credit: Damnation Audio)

If you’re in the market for a stompbox that can add some angry grit to your low end, check out Damnation Audio's new Curmudgeon 2 bass amp distortion pedal.

The solid-state simulated power amp design boasts parallel stages that are mixed and loaded down similar to a power amp “struggling to breathe,” offering multiple stages of solid-state amp coloration and distortion.

Controls include gain, level and tone knobs, along with a depth switch that alters the amount of low-end injected into the distortion stages (down for a brighter tone and up for a thicker one).

The all-analog design sports top-mounted jacks, silent relay-based true-bypass switching and a standard center-negative 9V DC input.

The Curmudgeon 2 is offered for $219. To pick one up, head to Damnation Audio.