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D'Addario's Casein Picks aim to replicate tortoiseshell tone using dairy proteins

(Image credit: D'Addario)

D’Addario has introduced a new guitar pick made of casein, a synthetic material mainly comprised of dairy proteins.

The new Casein 351 pick is similar in shape to D’Addario’s tortoiseshell plectrums, but with several unique features, including a playing edge with a right-handed bevel to help glide along the strings, a pointed tip and, of course, the fact that’s made of synthetic proteins.

The Casein picks are offered in an extra heavy 2.0mm gauge, and according to D’Addario are ideal for acoustic and electric guitar and bluegrass playing.

The picks are available now for $21.99 per pack. For more information, head to D’Addario.