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Dave Mustaine Looks Back on the Making of Megadeth's 'Rust In Peace' in New Video Interview

Megadeth’s official YouTube channel is featuring a new video interview with Dave Mustaine, with the singer and guitarist discussing the making of the band’s landmark fourth album, 1990’s Rust In Peace.

The clip was posted to promote a new limited edition pressing of Rust In Peace on translucent blue 180-gram vinyl.

In the interview, Mustaine discusses the album’s musical makeup: “The scope and the grandeur of the arrangements is something that I truly believe is beyond the scope of my little brain,” he says. “And the playing is so... the caliber is so high that I believe if I was left on my own, I probably wouldn't have challenged myself so much.”

Mustaine also gives credit to former guitarist Marty Friedman, who joined Megadeth just prior to the album’s recording: [Y]ou have to add in the secret weapon—Marty Friedman came into the band,” he says.

He continues: “[W]hen we auditioned him…we had been looking for years, and [we had] his little CDs on the table. I looked at it and Marty had black hair to here and orange hair down to here. I thought, He looks like a piece of Halloween candy... I just thought it was goofy-looking, so I kept looking, kept looking, kept looking and I finally got mad and I said, 'Okay! Put that in there!'

"And he puts it in and I went [surprised] 'That guy wants to play with us?' He says, 'Oh yeah.' I said, 'Get him down here.'

"So we're playing along, the solo comes up, and [Marty] goes over there and I was like... [surprised] because... he did it... and no one was able to do that.”

You can watch the rest of the interview above.

The limited edition pressing of Rust In Peace on translucent blue 180-gram vinyl is available only at the Sound of Vinyl. You can pre-order it here.