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Davie504 built a bass out of his YouTube Gold Play Button

We last visited YouTuber Davie504 as he attempted to navigate his way around a 36-string bass guitar (spoiler alert: he did it).

Now the bass-slap god is back with a new video in which he takes his YouTube gold Play Button plaque, presented in recognition of his channel passing the one-million subscriber threshold, and turns it into, well, YouTube content.

Specifically, Davie, with the help of Amnesia Guitars, creates the first, and only, YouTube Gold Play Button Bass in the world.

Watch as Davie and Amnesia luthier Carlo dissemble the award, sand it down and glue it to a wood plank (“too thin, the bass will break - not epic!,” Davie says) to fashion the body.

(Image credit: YouTube/Davie504)

They next cut out the body shape and make the appropriate holes for neck slot, bridge and pickups, sand the whole thing down, add the electronics and accessories, pop on the gold top from the award and, voila! - the  first-ever YouTube Gold Play Button bass in the world.

Stay to the end of the video to watch Davie put the instrument through its paces with - what else? - an epic slap bass solo.