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Devin Townsend teams with Sepultura for a devastating run-through of the Brazilian thrashers’ Mask

Brazilian thrash legends Sepultura have been keeping busy during the coronavirus lockdown with a series of video performances featuring guests like Anthrax electric guitar player Scott Ian and System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian.

Now the band has uploaded a ripping performance of their 2011 song, Mask, with guest riffing and soloing (and, as it turns out, screaming), from the one and only Devin Townsend.

Just how ripping is it? Following the jam, Townsend puts down his Framus and exclaims, “Ouch!”

Townsend, for his part, has been filling his quarantined days raising more than $100,000 for COVID-19 relief through home studio live video concerts, as well as recording and releasing an hour-long ambient guitar instrumental, among other endeavors.

You can also check out a conversation with Townsend and Sepultura on the SepulQuarta live Q&A.