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Disturbed Guitarist Dan Donegan Addresses Break-Up Rumors

Recent comments from Disturbed lead singer David Draiman have lead to speculation that the band might in fact be heading for either a break-up or an extended hiatus. In a new interview with Cindy Scull of the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas radio station 97.1 The Eagle Rocks, Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan addresses the rumors of the band demise. An excerpt from the interview follows:

"What it comes down to is ever since the start of this band, we've always had a game plan of what comes next after each thing. So it's always been 'write, record, tour, let's go home for a month, let's start writing again, do the same thing all over again.' So it's always been laying out future plans. This time around, we just haven't really gotten to those discussions yet. We know that we're coming to the end of this touring cycle and we just haven't planned on what we wanna do next.

"I really don't know [if Disturbed is breaking up]. I don't have a clear answer because I'm not sure where everybody's head's at at the moment other than we're having a great time out on tour, we're going out big, we're carrying big production, we wanna end this on a big note. I think we're not ready to sit down and have the discussions of when we wanna get back together or if we're gonna. So we're kind of winging it."

Regarding, Draiman's recently comments, Donegan had this to say: "I don't know if he said that. That might have been taken out of context. It's been a long marriage for us and we're very fortunate that our career has lasted well over a decade and going strong. But like I said, this is something new to us. We're not sure how we're gonna feel coming off the road and not having a game plan. So it's really hard to predict if some of us are enjoying that or if some of us are missing that. So it's just really all gonna be a new experience for us."

You can listen to the full chat here.