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Dudes Skateboard on an Electric Guitar

Here's a brand-new video by Braille Skateboarding, a bunch of guys who attempt to skateboard on a host of unexpected objects, very few of which—it seems—are skateboards.

They've even made a clip where they attempt to skateboard on an iPhone 6. Or something along those lines. I really don't care, to be honest.

Anyway, in this particular video, these people turn a perfectly good Ibanez guitar into a perfectly horrible skateboard—and then they actually use it at a skatepark and invite unsuspecting passers-by to try it out. It turns out to be as good an idea as it sounds!

If you want to bypass some really annoying bullshit, skip to around 1:40 in the clip. At around 1:50, they start screwing on the wheels (or trucks). Note that things just keep getting more and more annoying from that point onward. You've been warned.

BTW, for a much less annoying video related to guitars and skateboards, head here.