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Dunlop unveils the Cry Baby Junior wah pedal, designed for Pedaltrain pedalboards

Dunlop Cry Baby Junior
(Image credit: Jim Dunlop)

Dunlop has teamed up with Pedaltrain on the Cry Baby Junior, a wah pedal designed to seamlessly integrate with the pedalboard company’s designs.

Size-wise, the Cry Baby Junior sits between the Cry Baby Mini and the full-sized Cry Baby, its eight-inch-long housing designed to line up with the routing spaces on Pedaltrain’s Metro, Classic, Novo and Terra ’boards.

The pedal also features front-mounted jacks, rather the usual side-mounted offerings, freeing up space either side of the wah.

There are a number of neat tweaks over the existing Cry Baby Mini design, too, primarily the addition of a three-way voice switch, which adjusts between modern Cry Baby (H), vintage midrange (M) and throatier (L) wah sweeps.

Other additions include an on/off LED indicator, lightweight aluminum housing, flat base for easy pedalboard mounting, and switchable true-bypass switching.

The Cry Baby Junior Wah is available now for $99 – see Jim Dunlop for more info.