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Exclusive: DaiTribe Streaming New Album, 'Epochalypse A.D.'

With a new Six Feet Under track already streaming, we're continuing this Monday metal melee with a full-album stream of the new effort from Chicago's DaiTribe, Epochalypse A.D. You can stream the album below.

"We started writing and recording this disc before having a vocalist," said guitarst Tristan '1690' Grigsby. "No singer even considered or remotely in the picture. The strength of the material required not only a great talent but a strong personality/presence"

The band — who have worked with numerous vocalists over the years — eventually set their sights on another Chicago local, Rich Collins. "We would cross paths at different shows in Chicago but we never did more than acknowledge each other in passing. One night he handed me a disc to check out and when I heard his vocals, I knew there was something there."

Epochalypse A.D. is out tomorrow, April 17, via True Gemini Records.