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Exclusive Lesson Video: Silverstein Guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau Shows You How to Play "I Will Illuminate"

Today, presents an exclusive lesson video from Silverstein.

In the clip, which was shot especially for GW, Silverstein guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau demonstrates the riff from "I Will Illuminate," a track off This is How the Wind Shifts: Addendum, the brand-new expanded digital version of their latest album, 2013's This is How the Wind Shifts.

Addendum includes four new songs, including two previously unreleased Silverstein tracks and two tracks written specifically for the expanded album. The two new songs — "I Will Illuminate" and "Kill The Lights" — take off where This Is How The Wind Shifts left off, taking a journey through technical guitar playing, memorable rhythmic riffs, big choruses and sing-alongs.

“These songs were written and recorded to complete this album, to finish the story, as well as give our fans some new music while they wait for our next full length," says Silverstein vocalist Shane Told.

For more about Silverstein, visit their Facebook page and official website.