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Fishman launches Fluence Legacy Series with Mike Inez bass pickup set

(Image credit: Fishman)

Fishman’s new Fluence Legacy Series pickups are designed to allow artists to “recreate the quintessential sounds that helped propel their classic live and recorded performances.”

Now, the company has launched the series with the Mike Inez Legacy pickup set, which captures the tone of the Alice in Chains (and former Ozzy and Heart) bassist’s main instrument, known as the “Moon bass.”

“It has magic pickups that I have unsuccessfully been trying to replicate forever – until now,” Inez says.

The new pickup set is Multi Voice and hum-free, and is designed as a retro-fit replacement for most four-and five-string soapbar equipped basses.

(Image credit: Fishman)

Commenting on the new series, Fluence brand manager Ken Susi said, “There are many single-voice pickups that come close to revisiting the sounds we love on classic albums. But only Fluence Multi Voice technology can perfectly deliver multiple classic, career-defining voices in a single pickup or set.”

The Mike Inez Fluence Legacy pickup is offered as a single pickup or in a set with a standard Fluence soapbar bass pickup in the bridge position. Voicings offer everything from an “exact” recreation of Inez’s Moon bass tone, to warm and vintage to “classic, fat and round” sounds and more.

The Mike Inez Legacy Series pickups are available for $185.04 (single) and $350.58 (set).

For more information, head to Fishman.