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The Francesco Artusato Project Premiere "Divergence" Lesson Video — Exclusive

Today, presents an exclusive "Divergence" lesson video featuring Francesco Artusato of the Francesco Artusato Project.

"Divergence" is from the band's new album, Our Dying Sun, which was released in October through Sumerian Records. You'll also find a transcription of the "Divergence" guitar solo at the bottom of this story.

"This is the chorus from 'Divergence'," Artusato says. "The first long phrase (m. 1-4) is based around a hybrid eight-note scale (A B C D D# E F# G) that is a combination of both A Dorian and the 4th mode of E harmonic minor.

"The entire phrase is played using a mixture of hybrid picking, legato, economy picking and slides. The second and last part of the chorus (m. 5-8) is based on more linear type of descending and ascending legato phrases that combine triplets, 32nd notes and groups of septuplets."

Our Dying Sun is available at iTunes and Google Play.

Stay tuned to Artusato's Facebook page for updates and more info. As always, tell us what you think of the video in the comments or on Facebook!

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