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Fred Mascherino and Terrible Things Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Create Guitar Tab Book

Fred Mascherino and Terrible Things want to put out a guitar tabs book of their songs, and they're using Kickstarter to get it done.

It's the first time the band has used the crowd-funded platform, where they're also offering Skype guitar lessons, digital downloads of tabs and tabs from Mascherino's solo project, The Color Fred.

In his Kickstarter video (Watch it below), Mascherino admits to being a true "guitar super-geek" and proves it by showing off his collection of '80s rock memorabilia and, most impressively, a paragraph he wrote that showed up in an official Van Halen book.

Mascherino is known as a punk rock shredder with a jazz degree. He played for Taking Back Sunday until 2007, when he left to pursue his own music. His latest band, Terrible Things, recently released the Zeppelin-esque Pre-Transmission and posted a live video of the band playing the EP in its entirety.

You can get tabs for a song starting at $1. Expect guitar solos with pull-offs for days and some really unique tunings. The best part about this project is Terrible Things is using it to get their fans involved. If you learn a song, you can show up at their next show and play it with them. Start practicing!

For more information, head to the project's Kickstarter page.

Photo: Ryan Russell