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Get every rock sound you could ever dream of with Hotone's Ampero amp modeler

Hotone is known for putting together rock-solid, impressively versatile products at prices that won't leave little but cobwebs in your wallet. The Ampero, the company's terrific new amp modeler, is no exception, packing hundreds of effects and patches - plus rhythm patterns and much more - into a package that barely weighs three pounds.

With that in mind, we simply had to hand an Ampero over to GW Tech Editor Paul Riario, to see just what this sleek, feature-packed modeler is capable of.

When all was said and done, Paul said that the Ampero is "up there as one of the finest" amp modelers, effects processors and audio interfaces on the market.

Don't just take our word for it though! See it in action, and take a tour of its many features, in the video above.

For more info, head on over to Hotone Audio.