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Get into some “real-time mood-bending” with Death by Audio’s new ROOMS stereo reverberator

(Image credit: Death By Audio)

Death By Audio can always be depended on to conceive wild, gnarly-sounding pedals, and the Brooklyn-based manufacturer doesn’t disappoint with the new ROOMS, a stereo, multi-function digital reverb pedal capable of, according to the company, “searing volume, gated walls of sound and long, trailing reverberant ambiances with an intuitive array of controls designed with real-time mood-bending in mind.” 

The pedal boasts six reverb algorithms - Room, Digit, Peak, Wave, Gate and Gong - with knobs for frequency, depth, time, dry (which controls the volume of the dry signal) and FX (which controls the volume of the reverb signal).

Additionally, an ALT footswitch engages a second set of controls that allows the user to shift between settings, and also activates an optional expression pedal. There’s also I/O switching and dual mono dry signal lines to enable a variety of mono and stereo configurations.

Pre-orders are available now (at $395), with the pedal shipping in the spring. For more information, head to Death By Audio