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Gibson relaunches its Repair and Restoration shop in Nashville, Tennessee

Gibson Repair and Restoration Shop
(Image credit: Gibson)

Following the launch of its Virtual Guitar Tech service last year, Gibson has relaunched its in-house Repair and Restoration shop in Nashville, Tennessee.

As with its Virtual Guitar Tech service, Gibson guitar experts first assess the condition of an instrument via virtual consultation, before advising upon a course of action.

Services available at the shop include setups, structural repairs, fret work, custom paint jobs, full restorations of old or damaged instruments, guitar valuation, certification and the issuance of new warranties on some vintage instruments.

Notably, Gibson isn't limiting the service to its instruments only. As it says in a statement: “We work with all types of guitar-like instruments from all brands.” 

Customers who use the Gibson Repair and Restoration shop will be offered free shipping and insurance, and will not be charged until all costs are finalized.

“We’ve been working on the relaunch of the Gibson Repair and Restoration Shop for 18 months and we’re excited to finally unveil it to the world,” says Cesar Gueikian, Brand President at Gibson. 

“Gibson R&R has organized the most knowledgeable guitar experts and it’s the ultimate destination for all repairs, restorations, modifications, valuations, and certifications. 

“If you own a Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer – or any other guitar – Gibson R&R is where you should send it. The Gibson R&R is the only shop that gives you the peace of mind that your guitars are getting the same level of experience, craftsmanship and care that you’d expect from Gibson.”

For more information on the Repair and Restoration shop, head over to Gibson.

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