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Giggem Launches Matchmaking Platform for Musicians and Industry Professionals

Giggem has announced the launch of its music industry matchmaking platform for musicians, bands and industry professionals.

Giggem is the industry’s first comprehensive and cohesive platform dedicated to helping musicians find one another, be discovered by managers and labels, as well as promote their music, videos and career highlights.

On Giggem, bands, musicians, songwriters, managers and labels can create custom profiles specific to who they are and what they’re looking for. Giggem’s algorithm then extracts key information to make the most relevant suggestions for people to connect. Additionally, users have the ability to see who has viewed their profile, maximizing the chances of being discovered or proactively making the connection themselves via Giggem’s direct messaging feature.

“Having been a guitarist for almost 20 years now, it’s evident that musicians are in a dire need of a customized, professional networking tool that goes beyond geographic proximity or advance searches to get in touch and meet with others to make music and do business,” says Emir Turan, founder and CEO of Giggem. “We created Giggem with the vision of offering musicians a way to congregate online and to find the people that can improve — or start — their music careers.”

Giggem’s home feed keeps its users informed about community activity, where they will find in real-time information about who has connected, what opportunities are available, local shows and gigs as well as new music, videos, and photos shared by the Giggem community.

“Bands looking for new members or specific talents have taken to Craigslist, at best, to help search for bandmates. Others are still posting ads in bars, speakeasies, and lampposts,” continues Turan. “This process has become antiquated and ineffective for musicians. With Giggem, we hope to create the first ecosystem for the music industry — one that is less about mass marketing and distribution and more about finding the right people.”

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