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Glou-Glou debuts feature-packed stereo looper/delay pedal, the Loupé

Glou-Glou Loupe
(Image credit: Glou-Glou)

French analog effects pedal specialist Glou-Glou has unveiled its first digital pedal, the Loupé – a feature-packed looper/delay which the brand describes as an innovative offering that opens up new spaces for sonic exploration.

The result of two years of research and development, the Loupé aims to deliver a diverse set of sampling and looping tools by way of a customizable control interface and a host of effects.

Features include nine assignable controls – five footswitches and four tact switches – that can be customized to control toggle or sustain, and that can be saved and stored in presets called Games. Up to 99 selectable Games can be stored, which are broken down into 50 factory presets and 49 user setups.

When the footswitches aren’t assigned to effect manipulation, they are controlling the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro-style functions of Multiply, Insert, Overdub, Replace and Record functions of the looper, with dedicated LEDs highlighting which mode is active.

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Glou-Glou Loupe

Glou-Glou Loupé Blue (Image credit: Glou-Glou)
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Glou-Glou Loupe

Glou-Glou Loupé White (Image credit: Glou-Glou)

A series of Read FX parameters – such as Pitch, Reverse, Stutter, Drift, Auto-Follow, Redux and Pitch Modulation – also make the cut, and can be combined in any desired way to create complex sonic concoctions.

Additional appointments include an expression input with three dedicated modes for expression-enabled pedals, a Scroll wheel to move around the recorded loop, and adjustable quantization controls for loop and effects functions.

Mistakes in the mix can be easily eradicated, with the Loupé offering up to 127 levels of Undo in a bid to give guitar players total control over their loops. Adjustable High Pass and Low Pass filters are also added, seeking to grant an extra layer of customization.

The Gloue-Glou Loupé comes in either a Blue or White colorway, and is available now for $650.

Head over to Glou-Glou for more information.