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Goodsell Amplifiers Announces Mark IV Editions of 33, 17 and Valpreaux Models

Goodsell Amplifiers has announced the new Mark IV editions of the most popular Goodsell amps: The 33, 17 and Valpreaux.

Utilizing cathode-follower tone stacks derived from the venerable 5F6A circuit, each amp is available as 112, 212 and 210 combos as well as heads, making them more versatile without sacrificing the sweet tone that put them on the map in the first place.

Still portable and pedal friendly, the Mark IV series can be configured any way in any color, custom-built one at a time. Prices range from $1,399 for the head to $2,999 for a fully optioned 212 with reverb and tremolo.

On the heals of the Mark IV comes the new EF86-powered GC-12, a re-interpretation of the basic 3-knob design, with a WGS Black & Blue AlNiCo 12" speaker perfectly matched to the 12-watt output. Along with the EF86 pre-amp tube, there's a pair of EL84s and an EZ81 rectifier that add up to a British-flavored scrappy contender in the emerging low-mid power category.

Priced from $1,499, it can also be ordered with reverb and trem, but purists will find the basic package most rewarding.

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