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Ground Control Audio serves up an EQ and boost feast with the Noodles Tone Shaper

Ground Control Audio Noodles Tone Shaper
(Image credit: Ground Control Audio)

Montreal-based effects maker Ground Control Audio has unveiled its latest stompbox, the Noodles Tone Shaper.

Essentially a three-band EQ/boost pedal with a twist, Ground Control's new offering features separate bass, mids, and treble channels, each with its own gain knob and cyclable frequency band switch.

Frequency bands for each channel include: a 40Hz, 100Hz and 280Hz roll-off or boost on the Bass channel; a 400Hz - 2.8KHz, 800Hz - 2KHz and 1KHz - 1.5KHz bell EQ on the Mids channel; and a 2.8KHz, 4KHz and 6KHz roll-off or boost on the Trebs channel.

Each channel is toggleable using a footswitch, and a total of 64 different filter combinations are available.

The pedal features the same preamp technology found in Ground Control's Amaterasu preamp and Tsukuyomi midrange booster.

The Noodles Tone Shaper will be available from January 2021, with a retail price of $249. For more information, head over to Ground Control Audio.

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