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Guitto’s new acoustic pickup snaps right to your guitar’s soundhole

(Image credit: courtesy of Guitto)

Faithful GW readers might be familiar with the Chinese company Joyo, which has been releasing an impressive stream of budget-priced effect pedals over the past few years. 

Now, Joyo has launched a new accessories brand, Guitto, which has introduced a new "double pickup," the GGP-01.

The new offering boasts a piezoelectric pickup and extra microphone, and is designed for use with 36”-42” classical and steel-string guitars.

Controls include mic, tone and volume adjusters, as well as a phase reversal button and battery light.

Best of all, the GGP-01 attaches right to the sound hole via a metal clip, for quick and easy installation without damaging your guitar’s top. 

To see the pickup in action check out the video below, or head to Guitto for more information.