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Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard Audio's Hell Horse is a stallion of a fuzz/delay hybrid

Haunted Labs Dirty Haggard Audio Hell Horse
(Image credit: Haunted Labs / Dirty Haggard Audio)

Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard audio have joined forces for a brand-new dual fuzz/delay pedal, the Hell Horse.

Boasting a PT2399 chip which offers between 50 and 460ms of delay time with crushed, degrading repeats, the Hell Horse's delay circuit features controls for mix and time, with a hard-set number of repeats built in.

Its fuzz circuit is somewhat more simplistic, with a single fuzz control on the input stage. The output stage offers players more control, with a basic EQ consisting of Tone and Shift controls. 

The EQ offers two main peaks in both the bass and treble frequency ranges. The Tone control effectively acts as the EQ's boost/cut parameter, with up to 15dB available either way, and the Shift knob determines how far apart the two peaks are.

It also offers true bypass switching, with a single footswitch to engage both the fuzz and delay circuits at the same time. 

The Hell Horse is available now for $220. For more information, head over to Dirty Haggard Audio.

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