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Hedras Ramos Premieres "Eucalyptus" Playthrough Video

Once again, we've gotten together with seven- and eight-string prog-metal guitarist Hedras Ramos to premiere an exclusive new video. This time, it's a down-and-dirty playthrough clip for "Eucalyptus," another track off his latest album, 2017's The Impressionist.

"In this clip I'm using my new Cort KX500MS," Ramos says. "It's a new model they released this year—their first seven-string multi-scale guitar. I'm loving the multi-scale; it makes complete sense to me. It feels like the frets move with your hand, as if they're breathing with you. The guitar is tuned a half-step down, and the seventh string is tuned to Ab for 'Eucalyptus'."

We posted our first story about Ramos seven years ago, when we identified him as a prodigy—and certainly someone to look out for in the future. Ramos has made major strides since 2011, catching the eyes and ears of scores of top guitarists and media outlets; he was chosen by Axl Rose to open for Guns N' Roses in Guatemala—and he's opened for White Cross, Kansas, Die Toten Hosen and many others.

For more about Ramos and The Impressionist, check out our premiere of "Transitions" from last month and head to Bandcamp and You also can follow along on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.