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Jack Gardiner delivers a tasteful technique tour de force in this exclusive playthrough

Earlier this month, Strandberg-toting Liverpudlian Jack Gardiner dropped his debut release, Escapades, which showcases his formidable chops and exquisite note choices. Now, he’s partnered with Guitar World for a playthrough of one of the album’s highlights, Lark Lane.

Lark Lane is a fusion masterclass, with wide intervallic licks and vocal legato runs - and, as you’d expect from a player who was taught by Tom Quayle and praised by Guthrie Govan, the execution is to die for.

In the video, Gardiner plays a Strandberg Boden Classic 6, running into Neural DSP’s Fortin Cali Suite and Archetype: Nolly.

“Lark Lane is a track off of Escapades that I have a bit of a soft spot for,” Gardiner says.

“Named after one of my favorite streets in Liverpool, it’s my attempt at conveying a more traditional ‘fusion’ style piece with a blend of modern production elements, technique and songwriting. The piece almost has a shuffle-type feel to it which is not so common these days in modern instrumental guitar music.

“I wanted to try and stay as melodic as possible with my phrasing and give myself an opportunity to ‘just play’ in the solo section! When it’s safe to gig again, I’d love to open up these sections for myself and other musicians to improvise and have more of a human interaction!”

For more info on Gardiner’s music, lessons and videos, head over to his official website.