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Jack White Releases New Single, "Freedom at 21," Via Balloons for April Fools' Day

This past Sunday was April Fools' Day, and while many of us were busy falling for Google's Really Advanced Search feature, Jack White was busy releasing 1,000 copies of his new single, "Freedom at 21," as flexidiscs.

Oh, and they were attached to giant helium balloons. We should probably mention that too.

Never one to embrace traditional methods for — well, anything — White had 1,000 biodegradable latex balloons filled with helium and a copy of his new single before launching them all skyward, hoping they'd land in the hands of people who don't typically visit record stores.

The balloons also contained postcards instructing finders of the records to submit photos and information about where/when it was found. The results will be collected here.

White's debut solo album, Blunderbuss, is out April 24 on Third Man Records.

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