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Jack White Says New Album, 'Blunderbuss,' Is Inspired by Death

Jack White's new album, Blunderbuss, will be released April 24, and we've posted previews and videos of two singles, "Sixteen Saltines" and "Love Interruption."

But for those of you who wonder what inspires White these days -- let alone what a blunderbuss is -- The New York Times has the answer: death.

White told The Times that death is one of the central themes and motifs of the new album.

"I was writing the liner notes the other day, and it seemed like it had a lot to do with that [death]," White said. "For some reason, that was overwhelming throughout the lyric writing."

Last week, White mentioned that he missed being in The White Stripes, adding that their split wasn't up to him alone and that if he had the chance, he'd "make a White Stripes record right now."

But, speaking to last month, White said there is "absolutely no chance" he'd ever reform the band, saying he'd only consider it if he "went bankrupt."

By the way, a blunderbuss is a short musket with large bore and flared muzzle, used to scatter shot at short range. Old-timey pirates used to love these things.