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Joe Bonamassa uses a headless Kiesel guitar to demo his forthcoming signature 1948 Fender Dual Professional combo

Joe Bonamassa
(Image credit: Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns)

Following the official reveal of his brand-new signature Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster, The Bludgeon, Joe Bonamassa has given a glimpse of another fresh piece of signature Fender gear, this time a 'JB Edition' Dual Professional combo amp. 

In a new Instagram video, JoBo, with a headless Kiesel electric guitar gifted to him by Jeff Kiesel – offers up a taste of the amp's tones with a flurry of nimble blues licks. He notes in the post's caption the “73 years of design [that] separates the guitar and the amp.”

“Thank you Jeff [Kiesel] for this very generous birthday gift,” he continues. “I am playing through the prototype of the 1948 Fender Dual Professional JB Edition that was brilliantly recreated by [Fender's] Stan Cotey. 

“The amps are going into production later this year. Enjoy, hopefully more than my Laurel Canyon neighbors did for the last minute.”

The blues wizard first hinted at a new signature Dual Professional back in January 2019. An Instagram video posted at the time shows Bonamassa with a pair of the combos, with the caption: “70-year-old Dual Professional and 7-hour-old Dual Professional.”

The Fender Dual Professional first arrived in 1946, and was the first guitar amp in the world to feature two speakers. It was also Fender's first to sport a tweed enclosure.

Pricing and availability of the 1948 Fender Dual Professional JB Edition is yet to be revealed, but we'll endeavor to keep you in the loop as new information comes to light.

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