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Jump back, what’s that sound? It’s a mashup of Metallica’s Enter Sandman and Van Halen’s Panama

Recently we were treated to an approximation of what Metallica’s Enter Sandman would sound like if it were performed by Iron Maiden.

Now, continuing the Sandman “What If?” motif, resourceful YouTuber The-Art-of-Guitar has mashed up Metallica’s 1991 classic with Van Halen’s Panama. And the results are, well, pretty spectacular.

Not only does James Hetfield's vocal work surprisingly well when laid atop the VH verse riff, but witness the expert “duet” between Papa Het and David Lee Roth during the song’s chorus.

The solo/breakdown section, meanwhile, is a thing of mash-up beauty, with Kirk Hammett’s wah-wah heavy licks superimposed over Van Halen’s rhythm section, before everything flip-flops and Ed takes over on rhythm guitar for Hetfield’s “now I lay me down to sleep” spoken-word monologue.

“Was rocking out to Panama and this idea just popped into my head so I had to make it real,” The-Art-of-Guitar writes in the caption accompanying the video. “Can't believe how well they work together in most sections.”

We can’t believe it either. Grip your pillow tight and prepare to go burnin’ down the avenue…