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Lamb of God Reveal New Album Title, Post Teaser Video

While it's pretty common knowledge that Lamb of God are hard at work on the follow-up to 2009's Wrath, the band have been pretty tight-lipped in terms of letting details out.

That is, until now. The band have just revealed via their official Twitter account that the title of their upcoming new album will be Resolution. And not only did L.O.G. spill the beans on the album title, they've also now posted the album art, which you can see below.

Update: And quite literally as I was about to post this story, the band posted the following teaser for Resolution along with a release date of January 24, 2012. Check out the teaser -- which features new music! -- below.

Update #2: The album now has a track listing, which you can see below the album art.

  • 1. Straight for the Sun
  • 2. Desolation
  • 3. Ghost Walking
  • 4. Guilty
  • 5. The Undertow
  • 6. The Number Six
  • 7. Barbarosa
  • 8. Invictus
  • 9. Cheated
  • 10. Insurrection
  • 11. Terminally Unique
  • 12. To The End
  • 13. Visitation
  • 14. King Me