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Lava Music teams with streetwear brand Chemist Creations for a carbon-fiber, fashion-forward acoustic-electric

(Image credit: Lava Music)

Back in March we introduced Lava Music’s carbon-fiber Lava Me Pro acoustic guitar, featuring a soundboard constructed from Lava’s AirCarbon material, which combines carbon fiber layers in a honeycomb structure.

Now, the company has taken the Lava Me design into new realms, joining up with fashion brand Chemist Creations for the limited edition Lava Music x Chemist Creations acoustic-electric guitar.

The guitar sports a one-piece AirSonic carbon-fiber body shaped using Lava’s proprietary unibody injection molding technology and finished in an “iconic” Chemist Creations enclosure.

(Image credit: Lava Music)

There’s also Lava's “Flyneck” guitar neck with Plek technology, an onboard preamp and the company’s FreeBoost technology, which makes it possible to access effects like reverb, chorus and delay without the need to plug in the instrument.

Also included is a USB cable and matching Ideal Strap, Ideal Bag 2 and Ideal picks.

The guitar is offered in two finishes, Coral White (SiO2) and Green Chaud (NaCl), for $899.

For more information, head to Lava Music and Chemist Creations.