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Led Zeppelin Have Ladder Named After Them

As if Led Zeppelin needed anything else to bolster their legacy, the rock titans can now lay claim to the ultimate tribute: Having a ladder named after you.

A 20-year old design student at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design named Arthur Analts has designed a new ladder made specifically to be sturdier in corners, and has dubbed the ladder "Led Zeppelin."

The product description on Analts' official website reads:

"Using usual ladders, there are dificulties to put them in the room corners, because there is a great possibility to fall down, however, Led Zeppelin ladder can be placed in 3 different positions in the room. It can be leaned straight against the wall or placed 45* against the room corner or 25* against the corner - not allowing to fall down while climbing."

"Led Zeppelin looks good in the interior even when no one is using it, so it shouldn’t be hiden in the storage room."

You can read more here.