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Lindsey Buckingham Posts "In Our Own Time" Video from New Album, 'Seeds We Sow'

Seeds We Sow, the sixth solo album by legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist and vocalist Lindsey Buckingham, came out today, September 6, via his own label, Buckingham Records.

Also out today is the new music video for "In Our Own Time," a song off the new album.

Seeds We Sow is Buckingham's first self-released album, and he really took the DIY approach, writing and performing every song -- plus producing and mixing them.

“This might be the best work I’ve ever done," says Buckingham about the new album. "I think it’s an excellent representation of what I do. It shows a certain maturity and musicianship and I just feel like I have a lot of tools in my musical vocabulary from which to draw that are again the product of the choices I’ve made. It’s on my own terms.

"This is very much from the inside out and I hope I never stop doing that.”

Check "In Our Own Time" below.