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Listen: Nikki Sixx Interviews Slash About His New Horror Film, 'Nothing Left to Fear'

Late last month, Nikki Sixx got Slash on the phone for a great interview for his Sixx Sense radio show.

The pair discussed Slash's latest solo album, Apocalyptic Love, which came out last year. They also delved into Slash's new horror film, Nothing Left to Fear, and lots more.


"Stemming from folklore surrounding the actual town of Stull, Kansas, generations of residents and outsiders alike have proclaimed Stull to be one of the seven known gateways to Hell, where once a year, the Devil will rise from the town’s modest graveyard to walk the Earth.

"For decades, television, music, movies, and more have cautiously addressed the town; its horror is so infamous, even Pope John Paul II refused to fly over its grounds. Nothing Left to Fear finally pulls the folklore to the forefront and reveals the unsettling fact and fiction rumbling beneath the surface."

Check out the entire interview below!

Slash recently announced that he and singer Myles Kennedy have begun working on music for the guitarist's next album, which will be recorded this year.