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Fan Jams with Metallica, Adds Harmony to "One" Guitar Solo

We're not exactly sure when this one was shot, although James Hetfield still has his long hair, so it's a few years old for sure. We'll go with 2004 or 2005.

Anyway, the clip captures Metallica backstage, jamming with a lucky guitarist named Brandon Cook, who won a contest, thus earning a chance to trade licks with his favorite band.

Cook kicks things off by saying, "I know 'Master,' 'Battery,' 'One'—I wanted to do something with [Kirk Hammett] on 'One.' Can we do 'One'?"

The clip then cuts to the latter half of the song. At around 1:04, Cook starts playing the harmony parts to Hammett's solo. At 1:07, Hetfield stops playing so he can take it all in.

We hope you've enjoyed this blurry bit of Metallica's past. As we've reported, the band's near future (sometime in 2016) promises a new studio album. Stay tuned for information about that.

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