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Mad Professor’s Sweet Honey Overdrive with Fat Bee mod boasts “bottom end tweaked to the limit”

(Image credit: Mad Professor)

Mad Professor recently impressed us with its Nashville Hot Mids Solo Boost modded Ruby Red Booster, which the company designed during factory downtime due to the coronavirus.

Now Mad Professor is back with another limited-edition overdrive pedal creation, the Sweet Honey Overdrive with Fat Bee mod.

The new pedal, according to Mad Professor, offers “bottom end tweaked to the limit.”

In order to achieve this, the company worked off the Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe, which features bass adjustment before the drive circuit, and now added additional bass after the drive circuit. The result is “the same sound and the same drive section with more bass.”

The Sweet Honey Overdrive with Fat Bee mod is available for €167.74 (approx. $180) until further notice.

For more information, head to Mad Professor.